Client Comments

Some letters of thanks from satisfied customers:

"IT Bygg och Fastighet 2002", Lennart Magnusson, Director of Program:

We want to thank you for your way as the Master of Ceremonies to manage the big Award Festival for the Information Technology Price of the year. We are impressed by the way you managed to coordinate the award winners, the speech of the Director General, the computer animations, the video shots and all the flourishes that should be presented correctly. Thanks to you the award ceremony got to be exactly that success that we were aiming at.

We also want to thank you for your unique entertainment during the banquet. You have a fantastic ability to combine serious information with your professional experience of magic and even as a pick pocket. This banquet turned to be so successful so that the guests will remember it for a very long time.

Landstingsfastigheter, Sörmland, Jan Broman, Technical Director:

Thank you, Holger for your great performance at our conference "Futurloc for the Future"!

Our motto is that our conferences should have one third of serious information, one third of culture and one third of entertainment. Your performance had all these three parts. You really did impress on our conference delegates by your way of strengthen your important message by using your impressive magic abilities.

Bjäre Golf course, Birgitta Jogestrand, responsible for the Anniversary General:

We were most impressed by your ability to make your entertainment fit to the unique situation of our Golf Course, namely our big anniversary. You really did entertain us with your "magic award ceremony" which turned out to be a success coming right after our own award ceremony. We also loved your demonstration of how to strengthen the Club's finances by steeling the valets and other valuable personal belongings from our members. They were really impressed.

  H O L G E R  W Ä S T L U N D  2001  Magic Management™