A Success Factor

Tell me, do you know the business strategy for your company?

By using the strength of magic I can help you to emphasize the message from the company management so that it will support the company's business goals.

The situation can be very tough when the organization is in the situation to start a dramatic change. The top management might be well prepared but it has to get the rest of the organization to get along.

How to create the enthusiasm for a move like that?

I am convinced that magic can be used with a long-term pedagogic effect when you want to create an increased value from the company message.

I have been the Managing Director of one of the biggest technical consulting firms in Europe with more than 2500 employees. I have also been a member of the Board in more than 20 companies so I feel that I am know the importance for a company to implement the business ideas inside as well as outside the company. Any kind of knowledge transfer will compete with the everyday routines. Consequently it has to be dramatic enough to be interesting and thereby effective.

By using magic to strengthen the message is an extremely strong tool.


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