Shows and seminars

As your Magic Management Consultant I can act as the leader of your Seminar or be the guest speaker. I can also act as your personal coach before an important breakfast meeting, a sales training meeting or the release meeting for a product or a new service offer.

One example: On an internal conference arranged by a big real estate company all the delegates were asked to make a knot on a rope while still keeping the ends of the rope with both their hands. The moves were demonstrated step by step and they were also tied to three defined key values of the company. The participants repeated doing the trick up to the moment when they could figure out the secret. After the seminar the delegates went back to their different departments demonstrating the same trick tied to the company key values.

After the conference it could be measured very clearly in a company enquiry that the company key values were very well known among most of the employees.

Another example: When the Managing Director of SL Infrateknik, a Swedish public transport company, made his big yearly Christmas speech to the employees his main clue was; "Now is the time when we will lift this company, all together!" To strengthen his message he finished his speech by asking a lady from the audience to step forward. On the stage was a small table and on the table there was a sign showing the logo of the company. The managing director together with the lady succeeded "in a magic way" to make both the logo and the table to float up in the air.

Of course I had trained the director to perform the trick in advance.

And still another example: When Nordbanken, Sweden's largest bank, was celebrating a very successful year together with all the employees, the regional officer wanted his speech of thanks to have a great surprising final. He therefor finished his speech by asking the female Human Recourse Director to step forward. She was asked to step into a big wooden box. And in front of the very surprised audience the director performed the illusion "Sawing a lady in halves".

I had trained both of them before the show. Mostly there is no problem whatsoever to have bank people keeping a top secret like this one. That is part of their daily job.



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