The Magician and pickpocket

Who is Holger Wästlund, the Magician?

Quotation from "Who is who in Magic?" Magicians and other entertainers by Christer Nilsson, Spektra AB, 1990."

Holger Wästlund who earlier used Mac Freddy as his name when performing, started to play around with magic stuff at the age of seven. At ten he got his first booking as a magician. During three decades he was one of the most booked acts in Sweden with family shows as his trademark.

Some years ago Holger Wästlund got to know the well known French pick pocket Dominique when he was working at Lido, Paris. Holger Wästlund was inspired and very soon he had some pick pocket effects in his regular magic show. When Dominique was booked at Berns in Stockholm during two months he needed some help by an interpreter. Holger Wästlund helped him out and during that time Holger could really learn how a professional pickpocket is working. But as colleges they changed experiences so Dominique also got — and is still using — some of Holger Wästlund's unique ideas in the business.

Holger Wästlund has also been a scholarship student at the University of Illinois in the US. There he was booked as a magician and pickpocket in ten TV shows. That also resulted in that he was asked to train the police in Chicago how the real and dishonest pickpockets are working.

Holger Wästlund has been on TV shows in the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He has always had another profession and he has never had the wish to work full time with magic.

Earlier Holger Wästlund could make more than 150 shows during a year but lately he has restricted his number of shows to a very few per year. His assignment as a Managing Director at a large firm in Stockholm has taken his time and there has been very little left for the stage shows. But Holger Wästlund has always liked to be on stage. Because of that and to keep and still develop his abilities he is always doing shows, which has been very much appreciated by the audience. He has been performing as a pickpocket, guest speaker and a master of ceremonies.

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